2015 Critters at Bluebird Cove - Donna L. Watkins - The Nature In Us

2015 Critters at Bluebird Cove

Common Grackle Rescue
This precious one hit the deck glass door and fell into a pot beneath it, legs up. Wings were spread out so was concerned about them being broken. Picked it up and the head was held so no broken neck. Checked the wings and both were fine, so I folded them back into its body. Got a rag to surround it with some warmth although it was 62, but it was in obvious shock with mouth held open the entire time. After it "sat for" its glamour shots, it flew out of my hand into a tree. Definitely no wing problems. Yay! So awesome to see them survive. Our deck door is covered with decals and a patterned long topper so the birds can see the variation. For some reason they still hit the deck door. I've noticed several times it is when a hawk is nearby so I guess they go senseless when being chased by a hawk. That's why I always run when I hear the thud. If there's a hawk nearby it won't be mealtime with this one.